Thursday, December 31, 2009

More than 220 murders were committed in 2009

By Salam Saadi

Erbil - During the last 11 months of 2009, more than 221 murder cases have been recorded by KRG ministry of interior, although this is scary number of murder but scarier than this is the way of committing the murder in some of the cease. Two slaying cases were among murders.

Both slaying cases happened in fifteen days. The first one which happened on 23 Nov. 2009 in the village of (Gird Musak) belonging to Soran district, in this murder case a woman has slew her husband after three months passed on their marriage. The second murder case which happened on 8 Dec. 2009 in the village of (Gird Jan) belonging to Chwar Qurna sub- district, the victim was a woman in the name of (Trifa Muhammad, mother of three children, has been killed by un known people just for the sake of stealing her gold. Trifa was pregnant when she killed.

Recording 221 murder cases in eleven months only are telling us about the catastrophe which has faced Kurdish society. Sociologist and psychologists believe that an urgent solution is needed for this phenomenon and we need to find out the reasons behind and then discuss with the related parties to prevent it.

Free Market for selling Violence

"If one similar murder case happened in a year, then it should be investigated and concentrated on urgently," says Dr. Yousif Hama Salih, the head of psychology department in college of arts, Salahadin university. Dr. Rebwar Siwaily, author and instructor in philosophy department in college of arts, Salahadin University believes part of the factors and reasons are from outside our country. "The outcome of globalization entering our home with out having any local filter to purify the things we need to serve our society" said Siwaily. "Recently violence is became some thing which is transferring from a society to another. So many films and play station games entering Kurdistan while none of them is nor necessary neither goes through factorization system," added Dr. Siwaily.

He believes that there should be a quality control of the media which affects Kurdish personality building directly. "We need to work on this very accurately. Ministry of culture and ministry of interior take major responsibility of this issue, because this is part of our national security and safety," said Siwaily.

A model for revenging on society

Dr. Yosif Hama Salih believes that the development of violence is connected to the political and historical factors which Kurdish nation has passed on. "

Apart from political, social and economical factors, Dr. Hama Salih talks about social injustice which can be seen clearly in Kurdish society. "As far as these factors remain as they are, I am expecting more continues violence in Kurdish society" added Dr. Hama Salih.

Dr. Siwaily believes that youths and women are two main groups in Kurdish society which face most of the problems. In our political system they have not been defined, their rights and duties have not been indicated. This is why there is a lot of psychological pressure on them which made them to be angry with their own society. "These reasons make them to look for an opportunity to show an act to attract attention of the society and shock them. We can say most of the reasons behind this phenomenon is internal" said Siwaily. According to Siwaily the local power is involved with violence in Kurdish society. "We are part of a society which produces violence in any second. Police and its procedure of investigation is a kind of violence," said Siwaily.

He also talks about the role of media channels which some times play a negative role in creating a model of revenge on society un intentionally. He also believes there is a need of rearrangement of the relation between media channels and security agencies in terms of how to transfer an incident for public. "Transferring an incident without a journalism ethics will create a model for those who want to revenge on society and shock them," he added.

A positive censorship

Rebwar Siwaily believes that it is necessary for ministry of interior to prevent having some kind of films and electronic games which can be a way of producing violence. "This kind of market paves the way for new generation to think of violence instead of tolerance". Siwaily asks educational establishments to observe the behavior of children in school, "we need to have some measures to know how the films affect on the mind of the children and to know how many films each of the children have seen and how may of the films produce violence and to what extend they have affected o the behavior of them. This is the task of social and psychological researcher which our educational system does not believe in it," added Siwaily.

According to Dr. Hama Salih the first step is to control the reasons of violence. "The law must play its role, but putting people in prison, torturing and executing people can not control the violence and sin in general. Other related parties must play their role parallel to the law to work on this issue. Media channel should aware people as well as family and schools. We need to have seminar and workshops on this subject. It needs hard work to teach new generation calmness. There should be social equality as well" said Dr. Hama Salih.

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