Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ghobadi rewarded in Japan


By Ferda Radio

Tokyo - The Kurdish film maker Bahmani Ghobadi, who lives outside Iran, has won a special reward of international committee of Filmax in Tokyo for the movie ‘Nobody Knows About The Persian Cats’. "I did not intend to leave Iran, but they forced me to leave,” Ghobadi said during the festival.

In an interview with radio farad Ghobadi talks about statements by Iranian film maker Kiya Rostami "Rostami believes that we have left Iran and he stayed in Iran as a hero but this is thought wrong, because we have not escaped from Iran. No one has left Iran on his intention".

He also said "Rostami has mentioned that the stories of my films gave me a chance for leaving Iran but this is not true, no one leaves his home on his intention. I was ready to work in Iran for next decade, two, three or four decades. I did not want to leave Iran, but in fact they forced me to leave".

Ghobadi's “Nobody Knows About The Persian Cats” tells the story of two young Iranian musicians trying to put together a band and play in European festivals after being released from jail. The film received the Kodak prize of 8,000 U.S. dollars. The jury members were very impressed by the movie, for succeeding surpassing the boundary between fiction and a documentary. “The way he used great music in expressing this search of emancipation, was considered extremely remarkable and original.”

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