Monday, December 7, 2009

One student shot dead by Turkish police


Diyarbakir The Kurdish student Aydin Erdem (23) was shot dead Sunday by the police during clashes between the Turkish security forces and demonstrators in the city of Diyarbakir.

Demonstrators in several Kurdish cities like in Batman, Hakkari, Mardin and Diyarbakir and in Europe were protesting at the prison treatment of the leader of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), AFP reported. In total, 162 people were arrested.

According to ANF, Erdem was shot at a close range by the police. Erdem was first transported to the hospital, but he died due to shot wounds in his lungs and head. Other people were also wounded, including a police officer.

The demonstrations were called by the PKK, who said it’s leader was being killed by the Turkish government. The Turkish government denied the bad prison conditions, released photo’s and invited Europe’s anti-torture group to investigate the claims of the outlawed PKK.

More photo’s were published by the Turkish daily Hürriyet. During the demonstrations also the buildings of the ruling Justice and Development party were targeted by the angry demonstrators (Photo: ANF).

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