Tuesday, December 8, 2009


güncel Asrin Low Office- As is known by the public opinion, our client Mr Abdullah Ocalan is being kept under heavy conditions of isolation at the Imrali closed prison. A new prison has been built at Imrali, after the observation and reports prepared by CTP in relation to conditions of isolation. In this sense, our client has been moved to the newly built prison of F type status on 17 November 2009.

The new single level cell, which includes a bath and toilet, is around 6-7 square metres long. The cell window inside which there is barbed wire is designed as a skylight. In this position, the window does not allow air circulation. Apart from the bed placed next to the wall there is only 2-3 feet of space for one individual to move in. Because of these conditions, the cell feels very non-spacious and stuffy, and this very badly affects the health of our client. He is taken out to the space built next to the cell every day for one hour for fresh air. This space, designed like a well, is surrounded by high walls with thick barbed wire, only allows the sky to be seen and 4-5 feet of walking space.

Under these conditions, out client characterises the cell as a death pit. The chronic respiratory problems of out problems acquired under the conditions of Imrali, have deteriorated due to the conditions of the new cell. Our client stated that he finds it very difficult to breathe due to the stuffy and restricted air, that he cannot sleep during the nights, that he needs to wake up and stand up in order to be able to breathe, and that the stuffy and restricted circulation of air feels suffocating. The pain that he suffers is getting more intense day by day. Our client suffers intense contractions in his body, which resembles the contractions during execution and this makes him feel as if he is being executed every single day. Especially the lack of air circulation is affecting all his body functions.

As is clear, the new conditions created at Imrali Island are beyond both a legal evaluation and endurance in a humane and social sense. A room of 6 square metres is not even acceptable for a few days of detention in accordance with the standards of UN and CTP, let alone for an individual to be kept in for long years. The new arrangement that has been offered as an ‘improvement’ for the relaxation of social and emotional isolation, have resulted in the conditions in which our client faces seriously life threatening risks. On the other hand, the isolation of our client continues with all its intensity; he received a new punishment of 20 days of solitary confinement, indirectly found out about the arrival of other prisoners at Imrali, and is still not allowed to see the prisoners.

The conditions of isolation at this new prison named “Imrali F Type High Security Criminal Punishment Institution” have reached new and new and far more deteriorated levels. As his solicitors, we could see him only at two occasions after the date above. It has been established that there have been a serious deterioration in the regime of execution of Mr Ocalan’s punishment. The deteriorated conditions and health situation of out client are that:

The heavy conditions of our client’s isolation, which is exercised since February 1999, have gained a new dimension by further deterioration as a result of his transfer to the new ‘high security’ prison on 17 November 2009. Our client Mr Ocalan’s basic rights, especially his right to life maintained by national and international law, are being denied under these conditions. The state authorities turn a blind eye to all the rights guaranteed to every individual and continue with its policies of attrition and annihilation by rendering the prison conditions of our client unliveable. The demonstration of this implementation as an ‘improvement’ is aimed at the suppression of reactions of Kurds and the democratic circles, who are sensitive in terms of the issue of human rights, as well as to hide the fact that they have violated the basic human rights guaranteed in accordance with institutions such as CTP and EHRC.

The new arrangements that out client has been subjected to since 17th November, will not contribute to but negatively influence the discussions currently developed on the democratic resolution of the Kurdish question. We call upon the whole democratic public opinion to demonstrate their sensitivity against the new conditions and methods in which the most basic rights as well as the right to life of our client is violated.