Friday, December 11, 2009

EUTCC strongly condemns Turkey’s ban on DTP

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The EUTCC strongly deplores the Turkish Constitutional Court’s decision to ban the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP). So far 37 members of the DTP have been banned from official politics. DTP was the first pro-Kurdish party to enter the Turkish parliament in 14 years. The closure of the DTP creates an unfortunate political climate and confirms that Turkey’s peace initiative so far has not been reliable.

Coming at the very time when Turkey’s Democratic Initiative towards the Kurds promised to begin solving Turkey’s decades’ old Kurdish problem, this unfortunate decision will negate the optimism and opportunities the Turkish Government’s Kurdish Initiative had engendered. Democracy implies the right for the DTP, as well for all citizens of Turkey, to organize and campaign for its beliefs peacefully. By banning the DTP, the Turkish Court has struck a heavy blow against Turkey’s democratic aspirations and campaign to join the European Union (EU) of democratic states.

The EUTCC hereby calls on the European Union and the international community to take political action and strongly condemn Turkey for having banned the DTP.

Kariane Westrheim

Chair of EUTCC

Michael Gunter

Hans Banscheidt