Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sentencing of four Kurdish men in Syria


February 18, 2010 by sks


The individual military judge in Qamishli issued the following sentences on Wednesday, 17 February 2010 in case No. 137 of 2010:

Imprisonment for a period of six months and a fine of one hundred Syrian pounds on each of:

  • Ali Mohammad Masoom Ma’mo, born 1959 from Derbasir town;
  • Salar Hussain Ahmed, born 1990, from Hassakeh City;
  • Mohammad Nawaf al-Mohammad, born 1991, from Hassakeh city;
  • Bangi Sheikh Musa Sheikhmous, born 1978, from Amuda town.

These people were convicted of the crime of inciting sectarian strife, based on Article 307 of the general Syrian Code.
The same four people were sentenced to imprisonment for three and a half months and a fine of one hundred Syrian pounds for the offence of belonging to a secret and banned society, based on Article 288 of the Penal Code. The penalties were combined, so the final sentence will be a six month term of imprisonment and a fine of one hundred Syrian pounds, based on Article 204 of the Penal Code. The fine includes 9.75 lire costs.

These men have already served some of their time against the prison sentences:

  • Salar Hussain Ahmed and Bangi Sheikh Musa Sheikhmous were arrested on 17 February 2009 and detained until 17 May 2009;
  • Mohammad Nawaf al-Mohammad was detained 18 February 2009 until 17 May 2009;
  • Ali Mohammad Masoom Ma’mo was detained from 19 February 2009 until 20 August 2009.

Ali Mohammad Masoom Ma’mo has in fact served his whole sentence and an extra day, and so his fine will be reduced by ten Syrian lires.

Salar Hussain Ahmed, Bangi Sheikh Musa Sheikhmous and Mohammad Nawaf al-Mohammad have the right of appeal against their sentences.

The Kurdish organization for the defence of human rights and public freedoms in Syria – DAD condemns the unjust sentences against these four men. We demand that the Syrian authority stops using political detentions, and that all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience are released. We seek the freedom of democracy and the abolition of the State of Emergency and martial law, the promotion of the independence of the judiciary, respect for authority, and respect for the independent international charters and conventions on human rights, so that Syrian citizen can live in peace, freedom and tranquility.

Kurdish organization for the defence of human rights and public freedoms in Syria – DAD

17 February 2010