Wednesday, February 24, 2010

33 Syrian Kurds released


Brussels - The court in Brussels released 33 Kurds who stormed the Syrian embassy in 2005 and destroyed it’s property.

The embassy was attacked, after it became known the Kurdish Sheikh Mashouq Al-Kaznawi was killed during a Kurdish uprising in March 2004. Although the Syrian government said extremists were behind it, it was clear for Syrian Kurds the Syrian government was behind it.

Through internet Kurds in Belgium and Netherlands called for a protest action. And on 1 and 2 june 2005, 60 people went to the Syrian embassy in Brussels. This caused 15.000 euros in damages.

The public prosecutor asked a symbolic punishment, but the court acquitted them completely. The court didn’t find proof the Kurds had the intention to storm the embassy, so there was no conspiracy. Other accusations were not punishable by law.

© Rudaw