Saturday, February 20, 2010

PUK group: KDP pays Kurdish opposition money


Slemani - A group that says it has left the Kurdish opposition group Gorran (Change), claims the Democratic Party of Kurdistan (KDP) of Barzani pays Gorran every month 500.000 dollars. Gorran immediately denied the claims.

The declaration is spread by supporters of the rival of Gorran, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) headed by Talabani. Earlier some Gorran members returned back to the PUK. The PUK is the coalition partner of the KDP, and both rule the Kurdistan Regional Government.

“The KDP gives money to Gorran, so they can compete with the PUK which will both weaken them in favour of the KDP. Because the KDP wants to be the big brother and it’s not important who the small brother is,” says the anonymous statement.

According to the document, Gorran wants to do everything for the downfall of the PUK. There have been claims before KDP was looking for alliances with the Gorran and made gestures to Change list. For instance the KDP secretary-general Nechirvan Barzani visited their television station KNN before and also Gorran leaders in Erbil.

But Mohammed Tofiq Rahim, one of the senior leaders of Gorran denied the statements. He told Rudaw that Gorran doesn’t get any money from political parties from Kurdistan or Iraq. “Those claims are without proof!”

KDP-head in Slemani, Selam Abdullah said before that the KDP accepts Gorran as an opposition party in the parliament, but that this doesn’t mean that the coalition with PUK is at its end (Photo: Rudaw)

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