Sunday, February 14, 2010

194 Kurds arrested In Northern Kurdistan


Ankara - The Turkish police arrested 194 Kurds suspect of links with the PKK, two days before Monday’s 11th anniversary of the arrest of the head of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), Abdullah Ocalan reports the Kurdish news agency ANF.

The arrests took place in Mêrdîn , Sêrt , Batman, Wan , Amed, Agirî , Colemerg, Mus, Dilok , Riha and Adana and Istanbul. The arrests came a month after a similar arrest waves after the closure of the pro-Kurdish DTP party, which was replaced by the pro-Kurdish BDP party. According to the Justice department, the arrests were carried out as part of the KCK-operation, with this operation Turkey says it wants to eliminate the civil wing of the PKK.

Ocalan was kidnaped by International Help and handed over to Turkish forces on 15 February 1999 and transferred to the Imrali prison island. There were several demonstrations in Europe, North and South Kurdistan today, thousands of Kurds called for his release.