Monday, February 15, 2010

Report from Kurdwatch

Al Qamishli: Former PKK militant must continue to await a verdict February 13, 2010 – On February 9, 2010, the single military judge in al Qamishli postponed the decision in the case of Mihemed Selahedîn el Moso (b. 1985) until April 12, 2010. For unknown reasons, el Moso had not been brought to the hearing from al Qamishli prison, causing the postponement.
In 2002, former PKK militant el Moso left the PKK after a two year membership and returned to Syria from Iraq. He promised several families there that for a suitable fee he would bring their sons and daughters back to Syria from the Kandil Mountains (Kurdistan Iraq), the location of the PKK military bases. It later emerged that he had deceived the families. Consequently, members of the State Security in al Hasakah arrested him on August 23, 2009. Due to his earlier membership in the PKK, el Moso was charged with membership of an illegal party pursuant to Articles 307 and 308 of the Criminal Code.
Al–Qamishli: Father and son severely tortured in custody February 12, 2010 – On February 10, 2010, the decision in the case of Mehmûd Zibêr Mehmûd, Zibêr Hesen Mehmûd and Ebdilwehab Sêxmûs el Faris was postponed until February 18, 2010 by the single military judge. For unknown reasons, the first two of the above-mentioned had not been brought to the hearing from al Qamishli prison, causing the postponement. The last of the above mentioned was no longer in custody at the time.
KurdWatch has information that Mehmûd Zibêr Mehmûd and Zibêr Hesen Mehmûd were subjected to torture at the criminal investigation departments in al Qamishli and al Hasakah during pre-trial custody. Mehmûd Zibêr Mehmûd was also tortured by members of the Political Security Directorate in al-Hasakah and Damascus (al Faiha prison). Both men were repeatedly beaten and berated. The soles of their feet were beaten with metal cables (the so-called Falaqa method, bastinado). They were bound up, beaten on all parts of their bodies and tortured with electric shocks (the so-called »flying carpet«). Furthermore, Mehmûd Zibêr Mehmûd was hung by the neck from a ceiling ventilator and lost consciousness after a short time.

Al–Qamishli: Military court sentences Xalid Kenco
February 10, 2010 – On February 8, 2010, the single military judge in al Qamishli sentenced Xalid Mio Kenco to four months imprisonment and a fine of 80 Syrian Lira for knowingly spreading false or exaggerated information abroad, pursuant to Article 287 of the Criminal Code. As Kenco has already spent 113 days in prison, the remaining sentence to be served amounts to seven days. Due to Kenco’s failure to appear, his attorneys were refused entry at the pronouncement of the sentence. They declared they would appeal the decision. Xalid Mio Kenco has been a refugee in Turkey since January 19, 2010.
No school reports for maktumin February 8, 2010 – Maktumin — unregistered, stateless Kurds — are subject to many forms of discrimination in Syria. They are allowed to go to school, for example, but do not receive regular reports. KurdWatch has published a circular letter from 2008 to this effect.
Al Qamishli: Cemal Seedun subject to torture in custody February 6, 2010 – On February 4, 2010, Cemal Seedun was released from custody by the single military judge in al Qamishli. During his four-month imprisonment, Seedun was tortured regularly with blows to the soles of his feet and now complains of severe pain. He declined to talk about other forms of torture. His trial is still pending before the military court.
Verdict against Fêsel Sebrî Neeso, Fener Cemîl Seedun and Nesridîn Mihemed Berhik for violating § 288 of the Criminal Code February 5, 2010 – On August 9, 2009, the single military judge in al Qamishli sentenced Fêsel Sebrî Neeso, Fener Cemîl Seedun and Nesridîn Mihemed Berhik, all leading members of Dr. Ebdilhekîm Besar’s Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria, to imprisonment on the basis of § 288 of the Criminal Code. KurdWatch has published the verdict.

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