Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Kurdistan Alliance supporter killed in Kirkuk


Kirkuk - Kurdish media reports a supporter of the Kurdistan Alliance (KDP and PUK) was recently shot in Kirkuk by Arabs and two were wounded. On 13 February there was another shooting incident between the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi Turkment front.

Saaededin Argic, chairman of the Turkment Front in Kirkuk, claimed that supporters of the Kurdistan Alliance (of the KDP-PUK) shot at the offices of the Turkmen front. While Najmadin Karim, chairman of the Kurdistan Alliance in the city says the supporters of the Turkmen Front started the violence.

Amid Sarhad Qadir, police chief in Kirkuk, told Rudaw that nobody was hurt and said the police would try to prevent any clashes in the future. Also the American troops said they would do everything to prevent violence between political parties (Photo: Rudaw).

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