Monday, February 22, 2010

Iran kills three Komala members


Rudaw - Iranian security forces killed four members of the Kurdish communist group on Sunday, reports Reuters, citing Iranian state media.

"Personnel of the Intelligence Ministry ambushed and killed a four-member team, affiliated to the Komouleh terrorist group, responsible for the deaths of three security officers in that province in late December," the report on state television said, citing the ministry in West Azerbaijan province.

"Members of this terrorist team were identified in a region near Sardasht and in the course of a surprise operation ... the terrorist team was destroyed."

The Kurdish group Komala (or Komaleh) was founded in 1969, and led by Ibrahim Alizadeh, but split up over ideological differences. Kurdish newspapers report that the communist Komala has confirmed the incident and says three of their members and a local citizen were killed in an ambush.

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