Sunday, January 24, 2010

Turkish artillery reaches deep into Kurdistan


By Abdulla Nhieli

Amadiya - In an attack on PKK guerrillas, Turkish planes shelled several areas on the KRG- Turkish border damaging homes and forcing inhabitants to flee their villages.

Hoshyar Abdurrahman, 28, was standing in his front yard holding his two years old daughter in Shiladze village, in Amadiya area, when suddenly a Turkish bomb hit a nearby area.

He said that right after he left the area and his is not planning to go back anytime soon, "I believed that this shelling will continue that's why I left my home" he said.

Just like Abdurrahman, the 56-year-old Rashid Hajji, 56, was in shock.

"We were having dinner, and then the sound of three missiles shook our house and we thought it will collapse on us, the children started to shout and panic, but thankfully we survived," he said.

Hajji appealed to the Kurdistan Regional Government authorities and international agencies to make Turkey stop the shelling.

On the evening of 20th January, Turkish planes attacked those regions and the residents believed if the attacks were to happen in day the damaged would have been a lot worse.

Almost 120 villagers from Shiladze, which administratively belongs to Amadiya town, have left their homes to find safer areas.

Flamur Muhammad Ali, an official at the Iraqi Offices for the International Red Cross, told Rudaw that he recently visited the affected areas to prepare a report.

"One of our aims is to protect civilians from war and conflict, and those who become the victims; we will record their damages and will inform the aggressors that these people are innocent, " he said.

Regarding the latest Turkish hostility, mayor of Amadiya town told Rudaw that they have informed KRG authorities and documents the damages done to the residents.

"We can't contain Turkish shelling, you only can inform those above us and that's it", the head of town Ismail Muhammad said.

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