Monday, January 18, 2010

Islamic leader becomes mediator between Kurdish parties


Erbil - The leader of the Kurdistan Islamic League "Komal" says that he has been working to make peace between the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and Goran Movement following weeks of aggressive media campaign by the two parties against each other.

Tensions between PUK and Goran dramatically escalated. Both parties launched an aggressive media attack against each other and leaders of the parties Jalal Talabani and Nawshirwan Mustafa traded accusation about their past history. The situation deteriorated to a level that Massoud Barzani, President of the Iraqi Kurdistan, had to interfere to ease the tension.

Ali Bapir said that in meeting with Talabani the latter had three requests for Nawshirwan Mustapha while Nawshirwan himself had answers for Talabani.

"Before I went to meet Talabani, I called Nawshirwan and informed him of my intention. He told me 'you are our messenger," he said.

In addition Bapir revealed that in Baghdad Talabani handed him three demands for Nawshirwan.

"Stop being against PUK, stop using Kurdistan Post website to attack PUK, and stop the war of words in the media", Bapir revealed.

He also mentions that Talabani told him that if Goran wants to become a political movement, he will offer them his support.

After meeting with Talabani, Bapir went back with the demands to meet with Nawshirwan.

"(Nawshirwan) said 'we have political disagreement, not personal conflict. And with your trip to Baghdad we have stopped all the media war, and regarding the Kurdistan Post issue, let PUK set up a special committee to investigate Pola Saeed (one of the Kurdistan Post's writer) to find his accusation is right and how close he's to us," Bapir added.

In letters that were published by Kurdistani Nwe newspaper, mouthpiece of PUK, the former Kurdistan Post writer, Pola Saeed, claimes that they were supported by a Goran leader and a member of Parliament by the name of Abdul-bari Zebari.

Last week, Barzani managed to broker an agreement between the two factions to stop media campaign against each other.

Asked about the possibility of talks between PUK and Goran officials, Bapir said he was not optimistic.

"I personally don't believe in those meetings, if they are not turned in to action," he said (Photo: Rudaw).

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