Thursday, January 28, 2010

Four men disappeared in Syria after political arrest two months ago

Syrian Human Rights Committee -MAD

According to Syrian Human Rights Committee – MAD, almost two months ago political security forces raided the houses of Kurdish citizens in the area called Zor Ava, Damascus and arrested four people but there is no news of them:

• Ahmed Haji, born 1964 in Deyrik;

• Mohammed Omar, born 1962 in Afrin;

• Sheikho Khalil Omar, born 1968 in Afrin;

• Lukman Ayub, born 1964 in Deyrik

Syrian Human Rights Committee –MAD condemns the recent escalation over the past 2/3 years of arbitrary arrests and detention of Kurds in Syria, and demand that this stops. MAD calls for the release of all prisoners of conscience and the abolition of the State of Emergency Law and martial law that allows these arrests to take place.

Syrian Human Rights Committee -MAD