Sunday, January 24, 2010

Justice Should be Served


To: Iraqi High Tribunal Court and International Community

The Historical Responsibility towards the Kurds Genocide Victimas and Next Generation


The Kurdistan Regional President

Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government

The Iraqi President

The Kurdistan Regional Parliament President

The Iraqi and Kurdistan Judicial Ministry

The Halabja Case Prosecutors and Lawyers

The Public Media

Civil Society, Human Rights, NGO, Halabja and Anfal organizations in Kurdistan and around the World

The Kurdistan People

After 35 trial of the Iraqi High Tribunal Court regarding the Halabja Chemical Gas attack of 1988; based on irrefutable historic facts which attest to the extermination of the Kurdish people in Halabja in Iraqi Kurdistan and after showing enormous legitimate and confidential documents; listening to numbers of witnesses and victims, the Kurdish People expected to see an impartial and a just verdict which can be fair and equal to the scale of the atrocity of the case, which is an explicit incident of Genocide, and also can serve as psychological cope and attribution to the Kurds genocide victims and to regain the trust and hope to people and humanity in general. Unfortunately; this has not happened at the result of the Halabja case verdict on January 17, 2010 which is a clear indication of the lack of the neutrality of the court judges, leaning to the political pressure instead of legal duty and the disregard to the Halabja victims and Kurdistan people rights and justice in addition to the violation of the International customs and norms above all the following Conventions adopted by the United Nations Genocide Conventions:

Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, December 9, 1948;

Convention on the Non-Applicability of Statutory Limitations to War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, November 26, 1968.

The Halabja Chemical Attacks were not only genocide against the innocent civil Kurds, but it was also a clear violation to the human dignity and consciousness. The Iraq's High Tribunal Court verdict of January 17, 2010 not only disappointed the Halabja victim's hope and trust, but it has also failed to serve as a preventative measure for any future threats and genocide against innocent people and minority groups in the region and around the world. The reason that makes people suspicious and mistrust of the court decision and independent is the fact that the court dismissed it's legal code of 11 in the article 10 of 2005 to recognize the case as genocide and punish the perpetrators of the act according to the full scale of the case.

We here by, declare that the court verdict was partial and unacceptable which needs to be appealed so that the justice can be served, the rule of the law can be respected and the future threats of genocide will be eliminated. We ask for a competent national court to decide such a case in which the judges to be impartial and responsible for their legal professions not to the local politics and ideological preferences. We are also asking the international community, Human Rights Institutions and Advocates, the conscious people of our world to stand actively with the victims of Halabja and our Kurdish People in this historical event so that we can all be the guardians of human rights and the protectors of justice in our unjust world.

Your Support and Signature of this petition will contribute greatlity to the respect of the human diginity:

Center of Halabja Against Anfalizationa and Genocide of the Kurds-CHAK- January 21, 2010


The Undersigned

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