Sunday, January 31, 2010

Qadir Aziz, for "Middle East"

Return of Baathists to undermine the political process in Iraq
And the Kurdish leadership is unable to arrange its internal affairs

Opposition in Kurdistan were not the result of a natural evolution of the democratic process

Sulaymaniyah: Shirzad Shaikhani

Qadir Aziz
Kurdistan Toilers Party secretary

In the midst of the ongoing debate in Baghdad over to allow Baathists to return to engage in the political process through different addresses, Kurdish leaders warned of the danger of this return to the Baathists , stressing "that their return under any title could have undermined the political process and democracy in Iraq."

Testify to the position of some Arab Sunni forces and ‘chauvinism’ that stood during the last six years against the entire political process, especially against the Kurdish role in the new Iraq.
And hit several examples in this regard them , try these powers to abolish the constitutional article 140 to solve the problem of Kirkuk and replaced Article (22 ) , as well as to stand against the conduct of the census year in Iraq , and to marginalize the Kurdish role in Baghdad by reducing the seats in the provincial election law last These are risks that can not be underestimated in the current circumstances. ‘to the extent described.

He noted Aziz , Kurdistan Toilers Party secretary in a private meeting with the ‘ Middle East’ that the Territory and Iraq Mqublan parliamentary elections, a crucial and decisive, as there is a conflict brewing between the Iraqi forces for control of power and domination, especially Sunni Arabs, who attempts to receive significant support from regional countries for the formation of axes of political power to fight the next election. "

And concerns about the vulnerability of the Kurdish role in Baghdad as a result the emergence of axes and alliances hostile to this role, Aziz said,
there really are real fears of Kurdish role was in Baghdad at risk, and we feel the presence of large movements of political and sectarian lineups against the Kurds, in addition to local risks here in Kurdistan, where there is a tendency among some political forces to enter the coming elections, which lists individual thus weaken the Kurdish position common to meet those risks, it is true, the plurality of lists is a healthy phenomenon, democracy needed in the political process, but the problem is that a plurality of turning those lists to the plurality of positions in Baghdad, and this will affect largely on the weight and the Kurdish role after the next election. "

The secretary of the Kurdistan Toilers Party criticism of the bipartisan leadership of the main Kurdish National Union, led by Jalal Talabani, Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Masoud Barzani, the inability to internal house in order and the Kurdish "The subjective factor is very important in the face of threats to us, the more the positions of the parties and forces a more unified Kurdistan, whenever he Kurds to maintain their weight and their role in the Center, but unfortunately you can not the Kurdish leadership to achieve the required level of compatibility between the Kurdish parties at home, although they realize the magnitude of the challenges ahead, and talked to them in this regard and stressed the subjective factor, which depends on the unity of the parties, but when it comes to actually find they are not working properly, and do not have any program to unite the Kurdish positions, Kurdish leadership is supposed be aware that there is a real risk the achievements of the Kurds and their role in Baghdad. and that without unity of situation can not address those risks.

Baghdad, there is a political council plays an important role at the level of political consensus in Kurdistan, there was the higher political role but was not effective, so there is no reference to resolve the political problems of Kurdistan. Kurdish parties have no role in shaping political decisions, how can they ask us to support their positions ?. multiparty system in Kurdistan state of health, but in dealing with the Baghdad situation is different, here the opposition is required and can not be the advance of democracy without opposition, either in Baghdad, we are all opposed, so there must be activated for this role so that we can face the dangers surrounding us ".

I asked him, "Middle East" You are pluralistic electoral lists health, why not consider multi-hand positions of the Kurdish blocs in Baghdad healthy too?.

Answered "in the current parliamentary session there was good coordination and cooperation between the Kurdistan Alliance bloc and the Islamic Union, and the positions on issues related to dividends Kurdish constructive and fruitful, and today we find that the opposition began to emerge in Kurdistan, but the opposition were not the result of a natural evolution of the democratic process and political situation in the region , but as the result of partisan differences, and thus difficult to achieve the unity of the situation in Baghdad, if not successful in achieving internal unity can not be our role in the activation of Baghdad, and the internal unity is not achieved the exclusion or marginalization of the Kurdish parties, we all talk about pluralism and

democracy and the separation of powers and the rule of law , and these banners in place, but in the application form is not required,
there are actually efforts of the current government, headed by Dr. Barham interventions to stop the party and the rule of law and building state institutions and consolidation of the Peshmerga forces, and these things are very important issues, but we need more effort to get to democracy
true, there is a law on political parties issued since 1993, when an item on the grant of the parties, any budget parties, and I was at the time a member of the Kurdistan Parliament, and was supposed to get the Kurdish parties to finance under that law, but, unfortunately, did not apply the law and confined to grants and assistance, however, the government which was dealing this issue in accordance with the positions of the parties, if those positions does not correspond with the government there will be pieces of livelihoods, in turn Taatnam circuit parties in the orbit of government
financial gains,
we are a party of Kurdistan Toilers us cut our budget monthly for 11 months and do not exceed $ 400 million, and reviewed the Finance Minister who has assured us that he does not know to cut the budget for our party, this means that the decision issued by a superior, and that if the budget of the parties are distributed in accordance with the legal framework is not one dares to cut imposed in all countries of the world government to be neutral in the conflict partisan, and not to intervene in these conflicts, and work to achieve security and stability in the country, but government interference in the affairs of the parties to a certain extent, this divide is unacceptable, and contributes to the turmoil of the security situation and stability, I say this to show that the management of the political process is not just repeating slogans , but its application to reality. There are calls from regional leaders to make our regional model for Iraq, but the region who suffer from corruption is not by the Office of fairness, this time found in Baghdad, the Office is very active, and referred the Commission several ministers and parliamentarians to trial , but that ministers were pulled from the aircraft brought to the commissions of inquiry, what did the Government of the Territory to the current fight against corruption, even the Kurdish parliament could not recall one minister or censure him.

On his party's position of conflict between the National Union bloc, the opposition and the possibility of change, the evolution of their differences to repeat the experience of internal fighting, Aziz said, "are unlikely to turn the conflict into the fighting and hope so, but I think that he can not develop the democratic process and progress without the opposition to accept and understand the positive, this Kurdish entity and this government owned, must all be vigilant and defend it, and we have historical ties and common struggle with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, but we believe that the democratic process would not be complete without a transparent deal with the opposition and assimilate, while we may not be the opposition to undermine the or written off on everything, also the opposition to deal positively with the Authority and considered to belong to her, it must support the positives and negatives to be critical of the democratic process a sound, advanced, and so you must change Ataknzl mass opposition to the National Union only. In this context, I think that the media play an important role, especially since there are hidden information campaigns waged by the newspapers, magazines and media are owned by the leadership of Kurdistan which is waging war on behalf of these leaders, these methods call for independence, but funded by leaders trying to settle scores with others in private, what does it mean to Groups Attack newspaper or magazine on the person of President Talabani and other symbols of the Kurdish movement, it is assumed that the Kurdish leadership to take notice of this side as well when the calls to stop media campaigns between the National Union bloc, Alngieiro this issue discussed at the last Ajnma president of the region with the leadership of the Kurdish parties. campaigns have hidden more serious campaigns disclosed, and the invitation of Mr. Masoud Barzani, President of the region to halt the media campaigns were useful and positive to contain the situation, as well as his call to reactivate the role of the top political parties of Kurdistan, and we hope to contribute to these steps to resolve their differences and end the tensions and to restore security and stability in Kurdistan.’

Translated: KurdistanPost