Saturday, January 30, 2010

PCDK members arrested in Kurdistan


Erbil - In the autonomous region of Kurdistan, again three members of the Democratic Solution party of Kurdistan (PCDK) were arrested.

Last week, three PCDK-members were arrested in the city of Ranya by PUK security force Asayish. Two of them were released on Thursday. But three others were arrested at a checkpoint between Zakho and Duhok. The party also demonstrated against the ban of the pro-Kurdish DTP party in Turkey in December.

Last month, the PCDK set up a demonstration in the Kurdish city of Ranya, nearby the Iranian border. The pro-PKK news agency Firat News Agency (ANF) reported the PUK Asayish warned the PCDK. Earlier the party was forbidden to participate in the Kurdish elections with the Hiwa list (hope list) and it’s offices were closed down. ANF says this is because of Turkish pressure on the Kurdistan Regional Government (Photo: IHA).