Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ocalan: The AKP’s Fascist Mentality

Kurdish Info 25.01.2010- The concept put before us is one of, ‘Showing us death and persuading us to make do with fever.’ We didn't come out of for joint recreation time. Our protest is continuing. As you know our weekly 10 hour joint recreation time was only being implemented for an hour. This isn't a problem for me, I am used to it. I have spent 11 years here on my own. They weren't letting me see anyone anyway, this right was not recognised.
The Protest against the Non-Implementation of Regulations
However, I feel sorry for the comrades, it is a shame for them. I don't know if they can endure it. Our last meeting was cut down from 1 hour to 50 minutes. It was meaningless to continue the meetings under these conditions. This is why we decided to boycott the joint recreation time. We are not requesting anything special for ourselves. All we want is for them to implement their own rules and regulations. Sometimes I am astounded and cannot fathom these people. Their approach is so crude; they don't even implement their own laws or show respect for these laws. On the other hand they expect us to obey. It is saddening.

The AKP's Fascist Mentality
I also met with the prison director recently. They told me that they would give me a television if I behaved and didn't speak. In other words they are telling me to be quiet. Of course I am very angry regarding these crude approaches. I told them as well, I am a person with honour, I have principles. I am living for my honour. You cannot approach me so crudely. They think they can trick me with a television, it is bewildering! This is the real face of the AKP. This reality must be seen by everyone. You cannot solve this issue by branding me a 'terrorist' or any other names. The AKP is responsible for all these policies. They are small minded enough to make a television a bargaining issue. This is not what being a statesman means; it is not the approach of a serious State. Such simple-mindedness will not do. This isn't how a State should be run. I am really bewildered, amazed and saddened. Are we so contemptible that we should accept games such as these? Am I, are the comrades, or are the people so contemptible that they should fall for such cheap tricks? This is the mentality of the AKP. This is why I termed this process an elimination process. This is a fascist mentality, this is fascism. This mentality must be unmasked and laid bare. Everyone needs to be alert and our people need to comprehend these things. They need to begrudge even their votes to this mentality. The Kurds must ensure their unity. They must beware the AKP's games.

The AKP's facade needs to be seen
The AKP are imposing hunger on the Kurds and then trying to buy them off with supposed 'investments' in the region. The Kurds must scorn these advances and beware of these tricks. It is our people who are going to be killed and lose out in the end. For this reason I am very angry, I am angry at everyone, angry at the Kurdish people as well, but I'm not just saying this to the Kurds but also to the Turkish people. Why can't they realise these games, why do they vote for this kind of mentality, they must not give even one vote to this mentality.

This Is the Policy of Showing Us Death and Persuading Us to Make do with Fever
While playing these games the AKP are also pointing to the nationalist-fascist side of Baykal (The CHP Leader) and Bahçeli (The MHP Leader) and asking us to make do with fever. As I said before, the AKP are showing us death in the form of the MHP and CHP by saying ''if the MHP and CHP come to power they will massacre you, they will not even give you a chance to exist, so you should make do with us, the AKP.'' They are very openly threatening us by using the MHP-CHP and trying to force us to accept them. This is the concept that has been put before us. There is no difference between the nationalist-fascist approach and the Sunni-Islamic approach. Before, Nationalist-Fascism was implemented now Sunni-Islamic fascism is being employed by the AKP. This is the situation for our people. The Kurds were tricked and governed by Nationalist-Fascist policies in the past and now the same is trying to be done with the AKP's Sunni-Islamic policies. As you know the majority of the Kurds are Sunni. This is what the AKP are trying to manipulate.

The USA and Britain are Supporting the AKP
Of course, the USA and Britain are behind all these policies. With these policies Turkey is going to make top-security agreements with countries in the region and pressure the PKK with the help of the Southern (North Iraq) powers. Furthermore the Kurds in Turkey are going to be tricked by the AKP and this problem is going to be solved. This is what they are aiming to do. The AKP's only intention is to prolong its own existence and maybe get two or three more terms in government. They will try to stay in power by using the same methods they have been using in the past seven years. Their only aim is to stay in government.

We Wanted to Attain Peace despite the Difficult Conditions
We tried to bring peace despite all our difficult conditions. We struggled for this. However it wasn't to be, we would have liked to be successful, but we weren't. Due to being at the beginning of 2010, I would like to touch upon this issue. Essentially the requirements for peace were clear and very simple. The tears of people can be stopped with two words: Peace Negotiations. Those who have lost their loved ones could pressure the government by saying these two words. This is how simple it is. Due to it being 2010 I would like to appeal once again to the President, Prime Minister, General Chief of Staff, Security Forces and the Intelligence Service. Everyone must play their part for peace. This is the prerequisite for being a State; it is what a serious State must do. The resolution of this issue is really not that hard. I have analysed and examined all the universal experiences and models of a road to peace, and as a result of this I made a great effort, worked and wrote about how our country could attain peace. However these efforts were disregarded. If you collected everything I have written in the past 11 years regarding this issue, it would make up a very large document. I am also very saddened by the disregard shown in this matter. It is being said that 40-50 thousand people have died in total on both sides. Yes, but how much of a lesson has been learnt? You cannot account for this by saying it is ''terror.'' You cannot trick people by using these definitions. If there are 50 thousand casualties this isn't ''terror'' but war. If there were this many casualties in any other country, they would come together, negotiate and find a solution. I did not insist that somebody should come and speak or negotiate with me. I pointed out different addresses, different methods and made assessments, however these were also disregarded.

We have prepared our People for Peace
I listened to it on the radio the other day. I heard about the incident (the father of a dead Turkish soldier fainted) that occurred at the ceremony attended by President Abdullah Gül. It was also repeated at the ceremony that the struggle would continue until ''terror'' was annihilated. As you can see they are exploiting the emotions of the people and making policies using blood. They are saying we have martyrs, but they do not even respect their own martyrs. Considering that there has been a war and people have died then peace must be attained so that deaths can be stopped. Being a statesman requires doing this. We have been struggling for peace since 1993 and for the past 11 years I have been trying to continue it here. We tried to attain peace, but our efforts were futile. 50 thousand people have died and yet rather than prevent further deaths they are using these deaths to exploit people. They are fomenting the fire by calling it ''terror'' and ''separatism.'' We have never wanted to separate this homeland. They are saying that they have martyrs, what about our martyrs? Despite all our suffering, the suffering and losses of our People, we persuaded and prepared them for peace, but what did you do? You fomented the suffering and pain. We tried to make a breakthrough for peace before (in 1999) as well and it cost us the lives of hundreds of our comrades. And lastly our friends came from Kandil, despite knowing all the dangers that would face them, they came to contribute to peace.

They are Exploiting the Blood and Pain of People for their Policies
We saw how the Government-State treated the arrival of our friends from Kandil. What we aimed for with the arrival of the Peace Groups was to show that; despite all their suffering the Kurds were ready for peace and to also prove that our attitude would be positive if a solution was developed. However this was ignored. I would once again like to thank the peace groups for coming and our people for their reception. As I said before, despite all our suffering, the suffering and losses of our people, we persuaded and prepared them for peace. However you are still making policies by exploiting the blood and pain of people. The State has no respectability here. There is a war and humans are dying, statesmen need to prepare (the people) for peace like they prepare (them) for war. Those who know how to fight must also know how to make peace.

The AKP is trying to Eliminate the Kurds with the Support of International Powers
Iran is executing, Syria is arresting (Kurdish people). Our people are under pressure everywhere. Operations are being carried out everywhere and they are being shackled, handcuffed and arrested. Lawyers are also being arrested.
(To his lawyers) You must also be careful and aware of the dangers that await you. The AKP are trying to make top-security agreements with Iran, Iraq and Syria and are also attempting to get the support of the Southern powers, Europe, Britain and the USA in eliminating the Kurds. However it must not be forgotten that these plans can be reversed. The AKP is trying to eliminate us with the support of international powers.

The Tension between Israel and Turkey
Actually the tension between Israel and Turkey is due to some of Israel's policies. It is evident that Israel's current policies will not receive much support from Britain.

The backdrop of the Blue Stream Pipeline Project
A BOTAŞ (Turkish Energy Company) bureaucrat has said that following my extradition from Russia they received the go-ahead for the Blue Stream Pipeline project that had been stopped. He has said that with my extradition and capture, the Blue Stream Pipeline project was carried out. Yes, this is very important. I had touched upon the alliances and agreements of that period. This situation is on-going and continues. Moscow, Turkey and many other powers are continuing these alliances against us.