Friday, July 16, 2010

Turkish army executes 2 Kurdish guerrillas

Turkish army executes 2 Kurdish guerrillas
Submitted by admin on Wednesday, July 14 2010
ANF 14.07.2010-It is reported that 2 HPG guerrillas were shot dead by the Turkish soldiers in Baskale district of Van on 10 July. Although the Turkish General Staff claimed that the ‘suspects’ who disobeyed warning to stop were shot dead by the gendarmerie, the local sources stated that there has been no stop warning and 2 HPG guerrillas Cihan Yakut and Necmettin Uysal were killed in a fire opened by the Turkish soldiers on a car.
The witnesses stated that the Turkish soldiers who had already been informed by informants were laying on an ambush and opened fire as soon as the car carrying two Kurdish guerrillas arrived in Atlilar village of Baskale. The villagers also stated that while one of the guerrillas lost his life immediately the other one was seized injured by the soldiers who executed him afterwards.

One of the witnesses who wanted to remain anonymous due to security reason said: “It was late in the evening as we heard lighting flares. Then we realized that the soldiers opened fire a car. However, the one in the car has not responded the soldiers. The soldiers who had already received information were already laying in an ambush. We did not know that the passengers were PKK members.”

Another witness stated that one guerrilla was seized wounded therefore he could not walk. He further stated that: “the soldiers made him walk 100 meters away from the car and then they shot him dead. The soldiers were laying on an ambush and we have not heard any warnings.”