Friday, July 23, 2010

Another death close to Garrison

Thursday, July 22 2010
güncelANF -Saldik family went to Kurubaş village near Van city centre in order to have picnic together with their relatives living in the village.While the family was enjoying the whether and the nature, all of a sudden they heard shootings from Hacıbekir Garrison where was close to the picnic area.
Not long after the familie’s daughter 16-year old Canan Saldık fallen flat on the floor. She was shot in the head. Although the family took her to Van university hospital Canan lost her life.

It is also reported that the bullets fired from the base hit the house belonged to Nejdet Orkin. Death of Canan caused tensions in the city.

In recent years dozens of children lost their lives around the military basis close to the civil settlements. While in 2009 Ceylan Önköl lost her life because of explosive fired from the military base in Lice district of Diyarbakir, Olcan Akyürek died in blast near to the Garisson in Ozalp district of Van. A couple weeks ago another child in Idil district of Sirnak herding his sheep lost his life unexploded ordnance.