Friday, July 16, 2010

Population of Hasankeyf protested the excavation

Submitted by admin on Thursday, July 15 2010
Kurdish Info 15.07.2010- Several hundred people of the Hasankeyf population protested the excavations done in their antique city because the excavation works damage the historical structure and serve for the planned submerging of Hasankeyf.
The Union of Hasankeyf People organized a demonstration which has been supported by the whole population of Hasankeyf and started from the municipality building. The people marched till the excavation building where they criticized with speaches the chief of the excavation Prof. Abdulselam Ulucam.

The people objected the recent excavations done in the cemetry of Hasankeyf although there are many locations and monuments to be excavated in Hasankeyf. Particularly they criticized that bones from the graves have been taken out and spread irresponsably in the area and requested respect for the feelings and sprituality of the population. The demonstration people hold banners with slogans like "Ulucam, hands of Hasankeyf", "Hasankeyf is ours, the graves too" and "We don't want an engineer excavation chief" and called "Hasankeyf do not sleep, look after your history" during the demonstration.

Already in last weekend several hundred people went to the police centre of Hasankeyf after 4 people were arrested because they collected the bones which have been spread by the excavation team without respect the surrounding area.