Friday, July 16, 2010

‘Ocalan’s offers would silence the guns’

‘Ocalan’s offers would silence the guns’
Submitted by admin on Wednesday, July 14 2010
DIHA - One of Turkey’s well known ideologues of the leftist Ertugrul Kurkcu said that the offers proposed by Abdullah Ocalan, leader of the Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK), would stop the violence effectively.
Kurkcu evaluated the current situation on the Kurdish question: “I have a high opinion of what Ocalan says for the solution. He is a hard-worker for peace. But I do not believe that the PKK will announce the cease fire since the government will not respond. Now the PKK and Ocalan wait for see the response of the government. Other than that, Ocalan’s offers have a capability to solve the problem instead of turning to the use of violence. In addition, Kurdish and Turkish people and all workers must support peace as well as intellectuals.”

Referring to constitutional change, Kurkçu emphasized the limited freedom contained in the constitutional amendments package which will be considered through a referendum: “All different groups must be treated equally. Freedom must be the most important issue in the amendments. Our priority, for everyone’s benefit in Turkey, must be freedom which needs to be constitutionally guaranteed. Furthermore, societies, cultures and languages other than Turkish must be supported by the State, financially and morally.”