Friday, July 30, 2010

Puzzle over Iranian nuclear scientist disappearance!

Thursday, 29 July 2010
Soran Khedri

The Iranian nuclear scientist Mr Shahram Amiri was disappeared last year while he was on Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. The Iranian regime made allegations that Mr Amiri has been kidnapped by US central intelligent agency (CIA) while he was performing his religious obligations in Mecca. However, Islamic regime have not clearly illustrated what does they mean by “performing religious obligation”, is it just hajj or they also meant fifth principle of Islam “Jihad” ,which is also religious obligation and could be performed in variety of ways.
Big controversy statements were released over Mr Amiris disappearance by US government and the Iranian regime. Both US and Islamic regime, were accusing each other as usual over his disappearance, but neither US nor Islamic regimes statement were flatly persuasive to the public opinion, particularly to the Iranian people and the opposition movements.
The puzzle of Mr Amiris disappearance still unknown, but it is possible to presume some scenarios with regard to his controversial disappearance. Before starting with the presumed scenarios it is substantively vital to make clear that people such as Mr Amiri “in such sensitive position” within the Islamic regime are prohibited from travelling outside the state controlled boundaries. If it is not for the performance of the revolutionary guards’ mission, he would not have been able to pass airports checkpoint.
The question which should be answered is how he was moved to US, if he really was abducted by CIA why he was freed and returned to his country of return. Mr Amiri is not diplomat to be protected by the immunity jurisdiction, even if he would have been diplomat he should not have been released because of his alleged involvement with Iranian nuclear activities.
Firstly, assume that Mr Amiri was abducted by the CIA in Saudi Arabia. If this assumption to be regarded as true, it means that Mr Amiri is very important figure within the system and he could be one of the regimes key nuclear scientists. Although abduction is ratified as illegal and in breach of international law by International treaties, his release could also amount to the breach of International law and Security Council resolution, because it facilitates the Iranian nuclear activates. In one side US puts pressure on Iran’s neighbouring country and international community to honour Security Council’s sanction over its controversial nuclear activity, which was passed recently. In another side US disregards and breaches UN resolution by allowing Mr Amiri to resume his activity as atomic scientist.
Secondly, if he was not abducted but voluntarily moved to US, how come he never appeared on media or spoke out about the purpose and the achievement of his relocation to USA. He was resurfaced after a year from the date of his disappearance, and immediately claimed that he has been kidnapped by CIA with support of Saudi intelligence services. If Amiri was cooperating with the CIA, why US official issued and ratified his death sentence by revealing statements that he was paid to cooperate with them. The statements made by unnamed US official, countering Amiris assertion that he had been subjected to mental and physical torture, indicates that US is concerned about his secret deals with Islamic totalitarian regime in Iran.
Despite all accusations or allegations from both sides, it is possible to conclude from both sides’ statements that neither USA nor Islamic regimes statements are flatly accurate. If regimes statements to be considered reliable or correct, US government should not have allowed regimes key nuclear scientist to leave USA soul because his return will give Iran further chance to gain nuclear weapon. Nuclear Iran means destruction of Israel and Jewish people who have suffered and oppressed since the era of Babylonian Empire, as it has been the case for the Kurds since the collapse of Med Empire. However, if US official statements “that he was paid to work for CIA” to be considered true and accurate, then Mr Amiri will face death sentence, because his conduct “betraying” is enmity against God. Nevertheless, it is also reasonable to assume that Mr Amiri has been sent back to find out further information about the Iranian regimes Uranium enrichment. And in order to block all suspicious about his disappearance and resurfacing, unknown US official had made such statements, otherwise they would not had said that he has been paid in return for his cooperation.
In either situation there are two possibilities. First that Mr Amiri was doing his task which was planned between US and Islamic regime, and the reason he went to the Haj was to block all the doubts, and set up a scenario of hijacking or abduction. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that he was abducted by CIA. Secondly if Iran executes Mr Amiri because of what they call enmity against God, then it could be said that US official statements were true “that he was working for them return of sum of money”. However, even if he be executed, the puzzle still unanswered because US statements might be deliberate, in order to justify Mr Amiris execution “the only person who knows why he went to USA, and what kind of deals he made instead of the clerics”. In that way the secret of his disappearance will remain unknown to all the people who are concerned with the Iranian politics.