Monday, July 19, 2010

Berivan suffers from isolation in prison

Saturday, July 17 2010
güncelFifteen-year-old Berivan goes through a trauma in prison since she has been held alone in a barrack for nine months. She has hurt herself sometimes, said her families.Berivan Sayaca had been sentenced to seven years and nine months in prison for simply throwing stones at police during a meeting organized by Peace and Democracy Part (BDP) in Batman.
Berivan began to be known by public following her letter to the Human Rights Association Elazig Branch. She said in her letter that “I’m drowning and imprisoned though I have committed no great crime. It is more than I can stand. I feel so much pain. I do not deserve to be here.”

Her scream was not heard by authorities who treated her total opposite way. Diyarbakir E Type Prison administration kept on the traumatic implementations about her. She has been forced to stay alone in a barrack for nine months despite her lawyers’ application t o change her room. And now she goes through a trauma because of isolation that is very scary on her age.Now, her family and human and children rights activists wait for interfering of the Government’ on the case, before she loses mental health completely.

The teenager girl’s family had been honored recently by the Swedish Committee of Human Rights Association of Europe as a symbol of support for all imprisoned children and their families after her letter had caused uproar in the community. According to the conviction, she won’t be freed until she is 23 years old.