Monday, July 19, 2010

Prof.Haluk Levent : ‘Burning the forest is a constitutional crime’

Friday, July 16 2010
güncelOngoing forest fires particularly in Sirnak caused some raised. Associate professor Haluk Levent said that burning the forest is a constitutional crime and this crime creates detrimental effect for not just forests but also ecological balance of nature. Levent called on lawyers to take action against this crime.
Soldiers, who are on military operation in the Region, left the lands in the middle of forest fire without working on extinguishing it. Spreading fire has threatened everyone and everything’s future around the fire. Levent pointed out the long term detrimental effect of the fire: “There were same circumstances began in 80s until end of the 90s in the Region. Stockbreeding and agriculture have been gradually destroyed. Now all Turkey is paying the price. We are importng cattle for inexpensive meat. This is one of the most important consequences of this policy. And now the region and generally Turkey -of course- subject of new disaster by allowing the forest fires as well as not distinguishing them. Poverty would be greater than before if this fire continues longer.”

Beyond other things burning the forest is a crime according to the constitution, added Levent and goes on: “The sate set on fire the forest instead of protecting it. There is an article of constitution which defines the crime of burning the forest. I believe, lawyers need to examine this case.”

It was alleged that Besta Gendarmerie Commandership ordered to set fire to the forests without any military justification. Politicians, trade unions, confederations, various NGOs had criticized the government and local authorities for refusing to save the rest of the forests.