Friday, July 16, 2010

Kaboudvan in critical condition in Evin Prison in Tehran

Human Rights Organisation of Kurdistan15/07/2010

This morning (15 July 2010) Muhamad Sediq Kaboudvan, the head of Human Rights Organisation of Kurdistan, was taken to the medical facility at Evin Prison after he passed out in section 350 of this prison. Kaboudvan's family became aware of his critical condition after one of his inmates called them.

Kaboudvand is currently serving 11 years prison term in Evin prison in Iran for his human rights activities and publishing a book on rights of women in Iran. He has served one third of his time in prison and according to Iranian law, he must be allowed to visit his family outside prison for limited period but his requests have been blocked repeatedly.

He has had two heart attacks while in prison and has lost considerable weight according to members of his family who have managed to visit him from behind bars in Evin prison.

Kaboudvand was awarded two important international awards in 2009. He was recognised as International Journalist of the Year by Press Gazette in Britain. He was also awarded the prestigious Hellman-Hammett Grant by Human Rights Watch.

Kaboudvand's family is very concerned about him, considering his poor health and request that international human rights organisations campaign on his behalf.

Human Rights Organisation of Kurdistan15/07/2010 00:00:00