Friday, April 30, 2010

  • 29.04.2010- Kurdish women director Sirin Cihani said that women movement needs to be developed due to create common conscious on common problems of Kurdish women.
    Kurdish women are gathering to find answers for their questions, to solve the problems and to establish a way in order to fight against. The Kurdish Women Conference has been held in Diyarbakir due to share the experience about those cases. Kurdish intellectuals such as writers, producers, scientists and politicians took place in the Conference lasted 2 days.

    Sirin Cihani, director in Kurdistan province of Iran, spoke at the conference;

    “Kurdish women need to be gathered and raise the struggle for common problems in all countries where the Kurds live. Rights violations, violence and anti-democratic practices against women are all our common problems which we have to find collective way to struggle and solve as Kurdish women. This is the first and very important step for it. Each woman counts on herself as responsible for this duty and has to recognize that this fight cannot be successful by our own but only together. Iranian women are living in very harsh environment if we are regarding laws and traditions as well. Traditions are really significant block in front of women’s rights. Still, there is a great effort against system which keeps women in their houses.”

    Cihani also emphasized that Kurdish women’s struggle has to be spread all four parts in where Kurdish population lives.
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