Saturday, April 24, 2010

If Kurds regarded as the enemy of God, I’d rather be atheist - By Latif Serhildan

When the Iranians took in the streets of Tehran in 1979 to raise up against USA backed corrupt politician The Shah of Iran, many Kurds equally stood up against the corrupt and undemocratic nature of Iranian state. What really Kurds hoped for from these upraising 30 years ago? They hoped for better world, better Iran. They hoped Iran would include the Kurds in their newly formed state so they can leave happily side by side. After all Kurds have good reasons not to trust the Iranian sate. All they could remember was in 1948 newly formed Kurdistan republic was destroyed and its leader Qazi Mohammed was hanged. The Kurds were betrayed and stood up against the Iranian regime till Ayatollah Kumaini took over. The new sate of Islamic Iran was going to be Shia dominated purely Persian dominant maclis (Parliament) It was going to be tough for the Kurds because not only ethnically they are different they also shia Muslims. Again the Kurds had no choice but to take up arms against the Iranian state, it followed many bloody killings from the Iranian side. Many Kurds were either hanged or shot death by the regime. Even the leaders like Dr, Abdurrahman Kasimlo was assassinated in Austria while he was invited by the Iranian agents for negotiation to the settlement of the Kurdish issue; he was shot dead on the negotiation table by the Iranian terrorists disguised in the name of politicians. To this day no one ever is being charged with those killings. Recently one of the former German diplomat gas said that of those killings in Germany, the current president of Iran Ehmedi Nijad was involved in the assassination. Ehmedi Nijad has taken over in Iran and his violent past has reached to his highest point. People are no longer being shot by they are being g hanged by the cranes in middle of streets in Iran. While the Western powers are very much concerned about Iran’s nuclear enrichment programme. The Kurdish who are only people in Iran that are fighting for the freedom of these people are being killed, tortured, hanged, raped, abused neglected.

In case of Hussein Khezri was arrested in Kermanshah in 2008, held in detention facilities under the control of the Ministry of Intelligence and Revolutionary Guards, and was later sentenced to death by the Revolutionary Court in Oromieh, north-west Iran (Kurdistan) , for "enmity against God" (“moharebeh”). His sentence was upheld in or around August 2009. He said he was tortured and asked for an investigation, but his request was denied in March 2010. On 11 April 2010, he was moved from Oromieh Central Prison to an unknown location, raising fears that his execution may be imminent. The other Kurd member of Kurdish freedom movement Zeynab Jalalian, from Maku, a town in the Kurdistan, was sentenced to death for “enmity against God” around January 2009 by Kermanshah Revolutionary Court. Before that, she had spent eight months in a Ministry of Intelligence detention facility, during which time her family had no information concerning her fate. She is reported not to have been granted access to a lawyer during her trial, which she said lasted only a few minutes. Zeynab Jalalian’s death sentence was confirmed by the Supreme Court on 26 November 2009. These two unfortunate Kurdish people like their ancestors are awaiting their faith in Iranian jails. The people who sentenced to death are called revolutionary guards. The very same people who stood up against corrupt Shah. Now they are the oppressors. The revolution in Iran in 1979 was only Islamic minded mullahs they are lunatic minded people like Ayatollah Khomeni, Ayatollah this, that. These Kurds are called the enemy of GOD. Which God does Ayatollahs believes? If it is the same God that I believe than I rather be atheist. (Nonbeliever)

Latif Serhildan is a Kurdish student in University Cork College (UCC), doing PhD on Kurdish rural evacuation by Turkish Security Forces.
This article was first published on Rojhelat