Sunday, April 4, 2010

Another Momentous Victory on the Road to Freedom!

Abdullah Ocalan, born 4th April 1948 in the village of Amara, Urfa.

Kurdish people have struggled to be able to visit the birthplace of Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of the Kurdish Freedom Struggle in Turkey. Past years have seen lines of police and army and Kurds have been banned from travelling to Abdullah's village of birth, Amara in Urfa.

Last year two young Kurdish men were killed as the authorities suppressed a march to President Ocalan's house.

This year however, the Kurds have once again fought again for the right of travel and political expression by arriving at Abdullah Ocalan's house to hear speech's and celebrate with dance and song.

Tens of thousands party on Abdullah Ocalan's Birthday!

Tens of thousands of Kurdish people also attended a celebration of the birth of Abdullah Ocalan in Aligor in Urfa where people travelled from all parts of Turkey and Kurdistan and danced all night long in what was an emotional event for all who were there.