Sunday, April 18, 2010

Iran: Hussein Xizri transferred to Qezwin prison for his due execution

Iran- Qezwin: After 7 days of disappears it was founded out that the Kurdish political prisoner Hussein who has been sentenced to death was transferred from Tehran to another detention in the city of Qezwin to carry out his due execution.

On Sunday 11th April Mr. Xizri was taken from his prison to an unknown place. After 7 days it was founded out that he was taken to Qezwin detention where his execution is due to take place.

Mr. Xizri was sentenced to death in 11th July 2009 by the Revolutionary Court of Urmiye due to his membership in the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK). During the course of his detention Mr. Xizri was subjected to extensive systematic torture by the Iranian Intelligence Service as well as the Iranian Military Corps. Due to the torture that Mr. Xizri has received he has lost 25% of his eye sights.

The Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK) founded in 2004 with the ideology of democratic liberation and with the intention to set up a democratic system in Iran and to create a democratic self-rule for the Kurds in the Eastern Kurdistan (Iran). The PJAK accepts and envisages the ecological-democratic society and gender equality as the fundamental column of its ideology. Its initial goal is to limit and change the authority and domination of the Islamic Republic of Iran and to democratise it in four fundamental areas; the nation, the society, the citizenship and to evolve the state into a self-governing institution which is able to deliver public services, to maintain public security that would be synonymous to public authority.