Sunday, April 25, 2010

Mourners attacked by Security forces in Syria

The Media Institute of the Federation of Western Kurdistan Society announced on 23 April 2010 that a funeral was held for 19 freedom fighters who have been killed over time. It was arranged to take place in Hassei village in the Afrin area on 16 April 2010. Hundreds of Kurds and family members gathered peacefully to receive the documents of their sons. Syrian security forces surrounded the village and began attacking the mourners who report being beaten and threatened, live bullets were fired at the crowd, and some were arrested. Documents relating to the freedom fighters were taken and the family members threatened. The shooting on the mourners created conflict between the mourners and the authorities and the event had to be postponed.

The ceremony was adjourned to 23rd April to be held in Gaundu village in the Afrin area. When people went to village to prepare for the ceremony, but security forces arrived at 7am and surrounded them with armoured vehicles and military, intelligence and security forces that attacked the mourners without provocation, again firing live bullets towards the crowd. There was no distinguishing between old and young, men and women – the forces attacked randomly and showed no respect for the circumstances of the occasion.

There were injuries, one woman suffered a blow to her head and she remains critically ill. Dozens were arrested and wounded, but there is as yet no list of names. A security cordon was placed around the village to prevent communication with those being held in the village.

International Support Kurds in Syria Association – SKS strongly condemns the Syrian Government that allows its personnel to attack a peacefully assembled group of people who have gathered to pay respects their dead, with live bullets and indiscriminate violence, and to isolate the village from the rest of the world. This operation was clearly planned with the intention of creating fear amongst the Kurdish population through the use of terror and violence.

We ask all members of the international community to take account of the treatment of Kurds by the Syrian authorities when considering any action that may advantage the Syrian Government. It is clear that there has been no positive change in the authority’s approach to the Kurdish issue that has existed particularly since the Syrian Republic became the Syrian Arab Republic more than fifty years ago. It is also clear that the doors of the international community have been opening but there is still no change. The Syria Government does not show any respect for negotiations.



International Support Kurds in Syria Association [SKS]