Saturday, April 24, 2010

Spokesperson: Maliki for president, Allawi for PM post

A spokesperson of the Iraqiye list of Iyad Allawi, says there are meetings between his list and the State of Law Alliance of PM Maliki to form a new government. He says that during the talks Maliki is named as president, while Allawi is named as the next Prime Minister.

Fatah Sheix says that there have been negotiations with the State of Law Alliance in the last two weeks. Both lists have interest in cooperating. “We have set up a scenario, in which Maliki would be the next president and Allawi the prime minister,” said Fatah Sheix.

He added that the two lists will announce their cooperation after the recount of the votes. He emphasized that the Kurdistan Alliance and the movement of Muqtada al-Sadr will not be excluded from a new government.

The Head of Al Iraqiya Coalition Iyad Allawi said he is ready to meet with Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki at anytime adding that he is waiting for a response on his proposal to meet, reported Al Sumaria.