Sunday, April 25, 2010

My stray nation

By Hamiit Qliji Berai

Since 1994, I research Ancient Near East Civilization in temporary Kurdish territory, for the map please visit

I am involved in an unequal struggle against the domination of accepted fascism false statements in the name of "linguistic, historical and ethnological sciences” that has been systematically continued and legitimated by the oriental department of the westerns universities, which for their projects "falsifying of historic documents, the ethnographic falsification of Ancient Near East", receive and have the financial grants from UNESCO and or from their own universities.

They falsely replace Kurdish ancient civilization (Kurdish existence) with Iraq, Iran, Turkey or Syria. Any reference to historical and cultural ethnicity of the Kurdish nation has been wiped out or denied in political language to make, by the Racists-Nazis falsely reproduced Iranian people and languages acceptable to the future generations, and refuse purposive any acknowledgement of Kurdish and ignore the history and the truth identity of the Kurds. They made on behalf of science a pseudo-scientific historical identity for the Kurdish nation as “an Iranian, New Persian population”. They changed the Kurdish historico-cultural identity and cultural-heritage to “ancient-Iran, -Iraq, -Turkey and –Syria”. That cannot be other than to overshadow the existence of Kurdish nation with the invented nations, Syria, Iraq, Turkey and Iran, the occupiers of Kurdsu. In such a way, one is for centuries busy with misleading of the Kurdish generations and the world-public opinion by providing false information about history and culture of Ancient Near East. In other sense that is destroying of the Kurdish structure and elimination of the existence of the Kurdish nation. So they uproot the existence of the Kurds. They still continue and support these crimes in the name of science, for the purpose of protecting and keeping together the globe and the unity of the states, so the mentioned institutions collaborate scientifically in genocide, the destruction of the Kurdish nation.

In the past years I have not once but hundreds times proved that the ancient languages which are unjustly accepted as Elamite, Sumerian, Babylonian, Akkadian, Hittitian, Assyrian, Syriac, Hurrian, Persian etc., are ancient Kurdish tribal languages which are recognizable in present Kurdish languages and no people other than the Kurds had ever been in possession of Kurdsu. But the experts in such studies at the Oriental Institutes do not like to understand that. They have no time and busy with own projects and programs and they do not mind to continue the falsifying of ancient documents, the history and identity of the Kurdish nation.

The falsification of ancient Kurdish documents and falsification of the history and the identity of the Kurdish nation must be stopped. We have to make an iron fist to stop it.

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