Thursday, May 20, 2010

Turkish warplanes bombing Kurdish areas

According to Firat News Agency, Turkish warplanes are bombing the Kurdish areas around Xinere, in the region of Sideka, in South Kurdistan (the Iraqi Kurdistan region) and Xakurke, in their pursuing of Kurdish guerrillas. According to reports, the planes have been bombing since 2pm local time.

The Kurdistan Worker Party (PKK) has long called on Turkey to halt their military operations and engage in dialogue with the Kurdish side to find a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue in a war-torn country. The PKK declared unilateral ceasefire in March 2009 and protracted it four times to open doors for a democratic solution to the Kurdish problem. In 2009 the PKK also sent two peaces groups to Turkey to push through the jammed political procedures. But the Turkish Authorities are adamant in their classical policies of denial and the eradication of the Kurds within which they have continued military operations in Kurdistan.