Sunday, May 23, 2010

Four guerrillas lost their lives in yesterday bombing

ANF 21.05.2010-Four Kurdish guerrillas have lost their lives following yesterday's raids by Turkish war planes. The Turkish army bombed the areas of Xekurke and Xinere twice, yesterday, while today the same areas have been bombed by the Iranian army.
According to a press release by the HPG (People Defence Forces) press Liasion centre (BIM) four guerrillas have lost their lives as a result of the Turkish raids. “On May 20th - reads the statement - between 2 and 7.45pm the areas of Xakurkê, Şehit Beritan, Şekif, Lelikan, Gundê Cennetê and Xinerê came under heavy attack by Turkish war planes. As a result of these raids, four of our comrades have lost their lives".