Thursday, May 20, 2010

Goran: There should be stance against the bombing by Turkey and Iran

The Goran Movement (Change Movement) demanded a special meeting at Kurdistan Parliament regarding the continuing bombardment of Turkey and Iranian armies on the border of South Kurdistan.

Goran Movement has 23 deputies in the Kurdistan Regional Assembly. According to the statement of Hewler-based Denge Azad site, the request letter reads as follows; “Some regions in Kurdistan have been under heavy army attacks by the Turkish army and in the last few days by Iranian artillery units. The people in the region are downtrodden due to the attacks. There is also much economic loss and intangible damages in the region, which is why many families have left their homes.

We, Goran Movement, ask the Kurdistan Regional Assembly to take a particular stand and warn the embassy and consulates. We also ask the Kurdistan Regional Assembly to ask the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Iraq Ministry of Foreign Affairs to make a statement on the issue. We also ask to hold a special meeting regarding the issue.”