Friday, June 11, 2010

Indonesian denounced Iranian execution of the Kurds

Indonesia- According to the local news, many Indonesian political activists especially the workers and teachers’ unions denounced the Iranian regime for the execution of dissidents especially the Kurds.

The aim of the demonstration was specified to the execution of 5 political activists who were hanged by the Iranian fascist regime on 9th May in Evin Prison. Most of demonstrators wore t-shirts which had the photos of the 5 martyrs mainly Farzad Kamanger’s on.

On 9th of May 2010, five political activists, four of whom were Kurdish political activists named Farzad kamangar, Shirin Alam Holi, Ali Haidaryan, Farhad Wakili and a Bluch activist named Mehdi Eslamyan were hanged.

After this painful mass execution, demonstrations have been placed in many countries throughout the world especially in Europe against Iran’s inhuman policies.

Iranian regime hangs hundreds of activists especially the Kurds every year whose offence is only their identity.